Let's face it:

At least 80% OF STUDENTS


If we’re being very honest and frank: Most traditional German courses don’t work and do not accomplish what they claim: Bringing YOU closer to fluency.

Isn’t it demotivating that people spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to learn German. They put in a lot of effort and use their valuable time. What is the result in most cases? Unfortunately, most students can’t properly speak German. Many freak out just thinking about having a conversation with a native German on the streets or in the supermarket. Hundreds of students out there are frustrated and unsuccessful - and they believe they will never be able to speak German fluently.

To those of you out there struggling, here is the good news: It is not your fault at all. The reason why you’re still struggling and only making incremental progress in German is not you, it is the method/strategy!

When we look at schools and language classes today, German learning systems are often focused on boring and theoretical exercises and grammar. Before students even learn how to present themselves in German, they are taught all kinds of difficult grammar rules and vocabulary. BUT language learning should not be built around grammar and dusty vocabulary lists. After all, I am pretty sure that you do not want to learn German in order to be able to only pass an exam or to know all the irregular verbs and their conjugations by heart. .. And there are a lot in the German language… No, of course not!

You want to talk to REAL people and have decent conversations with natives in German. You want to immerse yourself in this language and be able to express yourself effortlessly. You strive for fluency and want to speak the language in a natural and intuitive way. The good news is: I have heard you. I am here to help and I have a very simple lesson: Let me help you speak German once and for all. I want to share with you proven techniques and strategies that REALLY work and that will help YOU learn German 10 times faster.

How do my students like the course? Don't just take my word for it.

What will you get? This is exactly what the course offers

+5 hours of audio: 10 mp3 files of original and motivating content in German. Professional audio quality, recorded by me, a German native and founder of Aleman para Hispanohablantes & Deutsch Einfach Lernen. All audios are 100% in German! You won't have to use any dictionaries in the course! This course is designed to make you SPEAK FLUENTLY in German. Thus, I cut right to the chase and make you speak from day (or better minute) one!

More than 100 pages of German transcripts (PDF). All transcripts are written and available in German.

10 original mini-story lessons and conversation simulations. This question and answer program comes with rich and interesting stories. Trust me, you will be speaking and vocabulary in an effortless and intuitive way. The mini-story lessons and conversation simulations form the following story "Die Abenteuer von Toby in Deutschland".

30 Seiten Kurzgeschichten (PDF): Pablo und Lucia – Pleiten, Pech und Pannen. Eine tolle und wertvolle Sammlung von den Erlebnissen von Pablo und Lucia auf Deutsch. NOCH MEHR KONVERSATIONSUEBUNGEN!

Life-long access to the course - you determine your own pace

Das Deutsch Survivalpaket: Das Paket hilft dir dabei, in Deutschland zu überleben und wichtige Sätze zu beherrschen. In diesem 28-seitigen PDF erhältst du 89 wichtige Deutsche Sätze für deinen Alltag, zum Beispiel für das Einkaufen, für das Restaurant, oder beim Flirten. Ja, du hast richtig gehört. FLIRTEN auf Deutsch! Du erhaeltst das tolle PDF sowohl mit spanischen als auch mit englischen Uebersetzungen - fuer jeden also ein echtes Juwel!. Außerdem warten auf dich zwei tolle Bonusinhalte in diesem PDF

A guide that explains, in detail, how to use the lessons. You will know exactly what to do at each point of your learning process!

24/7 availability: You can enjoy the course on your favorite device: on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, mp3 player, ...

You won't have to use any dictionaries in the course! This course is designed to make you SPEAK FLUENTLY in German. Thus, I cut right to the chase and make you speak from day (or better minute) one!

Audios presented by an enthusiastic native German speaker (Maximilian)

BONUS! Free 90 day e-mail support. An exclusive offer to contact me and ask me with questions regarding the course. Also, if you struggle and need specific help, reach out to me and I will get back to you. You will be able to interact with me. You will not be alone in mastering German!

Course Requirements

If you know some German, but you have difficulties speaking it, this is your course! If you are already intermediate and you really want to get to the next level, this course is exactly what you need, too! Anyone who is looking to make huge progress on his or her speaking skills in German needs this course!

Who should NOT buy and enrol in this course?

Absolute beginners

Very advanced and professional German speakers

People who prefer boring and traditional ways of practicing Germans

People who prefer the "Die 90 Tage Deutsch Challenge (Paket B) - 10 Wochenintensivprogramm": For all of you who want to participate in an amazing and more interactive learning experience (that includes quizzes, exercises, homework and solutions, grammar practices and more engagement with Maximilian), I highly recommend you getting Paket B!

How does it work?

This program reinforces and repeats over and over again the most common German structures. The courses are tailored to your needs and through repetition and fun, interactive content you will be fully engaged.

You can read the transcripts of each story in German while we practice. Just read along and enjoy. Once you are more comfortable and know what the story is about, you might want to try it without the transcript.

I will help you build step by step the necessary foundations to speak German fluently and almost automatically. You will learn and grasp important phrases, patterns and concepts just by listening, repeating and answering questions. The best news is that you can achieve this without translating mentally.

You will learn in a very intuitive way. You will not study grammar by heart, instead you will just copy what native speakers do.

I am convinced that my techniques and systems work for you as well. I do not want to sell you something that I do not believe in. I can honestly say that my program offers you a tested system to become fluent and have conversations in German. You do not have to have any special talents. If you practice with the material provided, repeat and engage in the lessons, you are going to have extraordinary results.


I’m Max, founder of the German as a foreign language podcasts Aleman para Hispanohablantes and Deutsch Einfach Lernen.

I am German and I absolutely love foreign languages. I speak English and Spanish fluently and right now I am also tackling Chinese mandarin. I have learnt Spanish and English at school. I could not, however, have a decent conversation with a native in Spanish and it made me feel nervous just thinking about it. In 2016, I received a job offer for an internship in Spain but the problem was that I was not comfortable at all speaking Spanish. I could barely say Hi and what’s your name. I always tried to translate everything word by word. I often got stuck in the middle of the sentence looking for words and my accent… well, I was set for disaster. I panicked and was overwhelmed. SOUNDS LIKE YOU?

The great news is that when I found and applied very simple but effective language learning strategies and techniques, my foreign language skills SKYROCKETED! Over the course of 6 months, I really set Spanish as a priority and I tried all kinds of techniques that are out there. What really made me speak from day 1 and apply my skills in real life situations was a simple technique called “Conversation simulation” or Minihistorias in Spanish. I discovered this method when I listened to Oscar from UnlimitedSpanish - thank you for opening up a new world for me. After using this method for a while, I was able to listen to the Spanish radio and I suddenly understood what people from Spain and Latin America were saying. I even started singing along to Spanish songs and really enjoyed the process. I took it to the next level and decided to engage in something called “language exchange” or intercambio with natives from Spain. We sat down for 1 or two hours and would talk Spanish over a cup of coffee. I got to know many interesting and fascinating people. This motivated me to keep practicing and working.

You know what: It was almost a miracle but in reality it all came down to focused work and a handful of effective strategies. I was able to speak, present myself and hold conversations for many hours… and I dare say that I owe a lot of it to the simple yet effective techniques you will learn as well. I became fluent in Spanish and have even further improved my skills practicing them day by day. Nowadays, when I visit Spain, I have no trouble whatsoever talking to strangers on the streets, meeting new friends or expressing myself in restaurants or shops. YOU can do this, too. Therefore, I want to help thousands of people out there with the same proven methods and help you to become fluent in German.

My mission is simple: I help YOU become FLUENT in German. And of course, I want you to have fun doing it. No one ever learns a thing if he/she is not motivated and passionate about it.

Please let me also show you these techniques and help you improve your GERMAN. Enrol today and START NOW with my original, funny and effective online course ‘Die 90 Tage Deutsch Challenge (Paket A) - Spreche fließend Deutsch in nur 3 Monaten’.

Course Agenda

  1. Introduction: What the course is about and how to use the conversation simulator
  2. Conversation simulation 01: Toby will auswandern (audio + transcript)
  3. Conversation simulation 02: Der anstrengende Sprachkurs (audio + transcript)
  4. Conversation simulation 03: Weihnachten naht (audio + transcript)
  5. Conversation simulation 04: Die guten, alten Neujahrsvorsätze (audio + transcript)
  6. Conversation simulation 05: Das Blinddate (audio + transcript)
  7. Conversation simulation 06: Ruhestörung und die Polizei (audio + transcript)
  8. Conversation simulation 07: Liebe auf den ersten Blick (audio + transcript)
  9. Conversation simulation 08: Das extravagante Haustier (audio + transcript)
  10. Conversation simulation 09: Der Traumurlaub geht schief (audio + transcript)
  11. Conversation simulation 10: Die große Versöhnung (audio + transcript)
  12. Freebies, gifts and PDF downloads (Das Deutsch Survivalpaket mit 89 wichtigen deutschen Sätzen; Pablo und Lucia - Pleiten, Pech und Pannen; ...)
  13. Outro: Next steps in your language journey

Course plan

Dein Start
Was dich erwartet: Spreche fließend DEUTSCH mit dem Konversationssimulator
Modul 1: Die Abenteuer von Toby in Deutschland: Geschichte Nr. 1
Modul 2: Die Abenteuer von Toby in Deutschland: Geschichte Nr. 2
Modul 3: Die Abenteuer von Toby in Deutschland: Geschichte Nr. 3
Modul 4: Die Abenteuer von Toby in Deutschland: Geschichte Nr. 4
Modul 5: Die Abenteuer von Toby in Deutschland: Geschichte Nr. 5
Modul 6: Die Abenteuer von Toby in Deutschland: Geschichte Nr. 6
Modul 7: Die Abenteuer von Toby in Deutschland: Geschichte Nr. 7
Modul 8: Die Abenteuer von Toby in Deutschland: Geschichte Nr. 8
Modul 9: Die Abenteuer von Toby in Deutschland: Geschichte Nr. 9
Modul 10: Die Abenteuer von Toby in Deutschland: Geschichte Nr. 10
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